Careers FAQs

Want to join our team but need some questions answered? Our Frequently Ask Questions are listed below to tick off those boxes for you!

  • The Application Journey

  • Do I need a resume to apply for jobs?

    Yes ā€“ submitting a resume gives us the opportunity to see your experience and helps fasten the overall recruitment process for you.
  • What do I include in my cover letter?

    The best cover letters are short and sweet and include the following:- introduce yourself, we encourage you to be as creative as possible- tell us why you are interested in this role- show that your skills and experience match the skills and experience needed to do the job.
  • How do I apply for jobs Iā€™m interested in?

    Jump onto, click on the job you would like to apply for and press the APPLY button. From here, you can upload your resume and cover letter and fill out the application form.
  • Can I apply for more than 1 job at once?

    Yes ā€“ you can apply for as many jobs as you like. Our recommendation is that you select and apply for 1 to 2 jobs that suit your skillset best. When reviewing your application, we always keep all current vacancies in mind, so if we feel that there is a role which would suit you best, we will call and discuss it with you, so that we save your time in not needing to apply for more than 1-2 jobs.
  • When will I receive a response on my application?

    You will receive an email immediately after applying to let you know that we have received your application. Response times will always vary depending on the role and location, but we aim to respond to all applications within 1 week of receiving them.
  • How long does the recruitment process take?

    The length of time depends on the job; however, we always aim to keep the full recruitment process under 4 weeks.
  • The Interview & Induction Process

  • What are the top traits you look for in a candidate?

    At National Storage, we are a passionate people business and look to bring onboard likeminded individuals who have a strong desire to learn and develop, a skill set which matches the role available and a passion for customer service.
  • What should I wear to the interview?

    Business casual is our dress code matched with professional grooming. We want you to feel comfortable so wear something that you feel confident in.
  • What do I need to provide for reference checks?

    We will need references from your past 2 Line Managers to call. Be sure to call your references in advance to let them that they may receive a call from us. There is no need to provide any written references.
  • Do I need a forklift licence to work in centres?

    No, if a forklift licence is required, we will organise the licence for you.
  • If I am unsuccessful, when can I re-apply?

    We encourage you to wait 3 ā€“ 6 months before re-applying, especially if you made it to the interview stage and received feedback. We keep your personal details on file for a 3-month period so if there is a role which we feel will suit you, we will give you a call to let you know.
  • What does the induction and training program entail?

    Storage is a diverse and exciting industry to be in, which comes with a fair bit of information to learn. Therefore, we have a 6-month training program for all roles to complete alongside a 3- and 6-month review. We are an open and transparent business and encourage our team to ask questions whenever they are unsure and to always seek help from your Line Manager when required.
  • How can I progress my career at National Storage?

    Once you pass your probationary period, a development plan will be actioned with your Line Manager which will outline your current and future goals. With time and results, you will be encouraged to apply for new opportunities as they arise. All new roles and opportunities nationwide are advertised on our careers website.


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